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MacRitchie Primary School - I miss you!

After all the sleepless nights, it finally paid off.

MacRitchie Primary School (defunct)
"I dedicate this video to everyone, who has stepped into this school and made a difference. To the educators and students, let us cherish all the memories that we once had." - Zue Rainey  How this video thingy began: A Walk Down Memory Lane (posted on 20 October 2009)
Why I am always proud to be a MacRitchiean...  It was an old neghbourhood school, located in the modest town of Toa Payoh. I could vaguely remember, it was situated besides an old wet market along Lorong 8, where the school main gate over looking Blk 225 Toa Payoh. Our arch enemy were students from Braddell Primary School, where we always had fights just because we have to share the same school field. Being just a simple neighbourhood school, MacRitchie too has her fair share producing quality students, whom today have achieved great success in life and contributed back to the society in someway or another. Many of those students whom we reunite on facebook, are now doctors, teachers, school principals, engineers, lecturers, sports stars, successful business people and some other well-known faces. I am very fortunate to have climbed my way from this humble school, which now has become a legend. Speaking of famous, you may not realised these talented people once came from this humble school.
Azmeer (Composer / Singer)
Rezal Hassan (Singapore National Team football player)
Djohan Abdul Rahman - Bobo (Artist/Scriptwriter/Producer)
Had Adnan - Rancour (Rock Artist)
The above are just to name a few. Don't be surprised, that one day, we shall be the 1st IN THE WORLD again to have our very own Hall Of Fame on Facebook! =) Visit our school facebook group: MacRitchie Primary School (MPS)  "Proud we will be of MacRitchie" - Our school song.  ps: The school may no longer exist, but the memories live on...
Soul: Din Din Wo (Little Child)
Sepuloh Tin Sardin | TNB